Registration In Apps

Smartphone PRO has a registration system in many applications, such as social networks. Where we must verify our account with our phone number, receiving a Message with a verification number, which will allow us to finish the registration of an application.

With this system we can easily recover lost accounts or passwords.

Can I remove this function from the phone?

It is not possible to get rid of this feature at least at this time.

How to recover a lost password or account?

All applications that ask for registration will give you the "Forgotten Password" option at some point on the login screen. Click on it and your account will be recovered, giving you a temporary password that will be sent via Message app to the registered number, this system is completely innovative, right?

Can someone else use my social networks?

Yes, if you have Unique Phones enabled, if you lose your phone, another person could take over your social networks or applications. You can recover your password at any time or use the security that we explain in the document before this one.

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