Job Garages

If you are going to add more garages to your map, we recommend that you have a trusted developer help you with integrations and config.lua edits.

The garage can create different types of public garages using the in-game creator specified in the previous document, but the simple way is through config.lua, where we will see the complete integration of public garages and their general configurations.

Can I add vehicles as the head of a faction?

Of course, you can use the commands to add vehicles within a work garage as long as you are the boss of the faction. For that, you need to have a vehicle that is personally yours, purchased at a vehicle store.

This system works as stock, that is, if you add a vehicle, the workers will be able to take this vehicle, but only one, unless you add more vehicles.

Creation of job garages

In this example we can see the creation of a basic work garage, with improvements to some vehicles within it. We can use liveries, tuning or even extras. We will find this within Config.JobGarages.

    job = 'police',
    name = 'police-1',
    grade = 1,
    price = 100, -- Put a price or 0
    coords = {
        menuCoords = vec3(457.9, -1017.28, 28.28),
        spawnCoords = vec4(446.48, -1019.35, 27.55, 91.14),
    vehicles = {
    liveries = {
        [`police`] = 1
    tuning = {
        [`police`] = {
            modEngine = 3,
            modBrakes = 2,
            modTransmission = 2,
            modSuspension = 3,
            modArmor = true,
            windowTint = 1
    extras = {
        [`police`] = {
            ['1'] = true,
            ['2'] = true,
            ['3'] = true,
            ['4'] = true,
            ['5'] = true,
            ['6'] = true,
            ['7'] = true,
            ['8'] = true,
            ['9'] = true,
            ['10'] = true,
            ['11'] = true,
            ['12'] = true,
            ['13'] = true,
    vehicleCamera = {
        vehicleCoords = vec4(436.694519, -1020.843933, 28.319458, 320.314972),
        camera = {
            coords = vec3(441.257141, -1019.947266, 28.656372),
            rotation = vec3(-3.0, 2.0, 106.0),
            ped = vec4(438.224182, -1021.200012, 28.673218, 291.795288)
    cinematicCams = {
        vec3(440.729675, -1019.327454, 28.706909),
        vec3(438.395599, -1022.175842, 28.622681)

Job garage with stock

Vehicles in stock are limited, if you have more than one worker, you will need to add more vehicles so that all workers have one vehicle.

The vehicle can only be stored in the specific job garage, not in another garage even if it shares the same job.

The vehicle cannot go impound, since when doing mdv or mdvall it will return to the specified work garage.

For the garage system by boss, society style, it is very simple. Follow the steps to understand the operation and procedure to put a vehicle stock.

To place a stock of vehicles, we must individually select in Config.JobGarages the owner's grade with the value grade, as mentioned in the step above or in the default configuration.

In that case, the boss can buy vehicles and go to the specific job garage to enter the addJobVehicle command to add this vehicle as stock in that job garage.

If the boss wants to remove said vehicle from work, he can use the deleteJobVehicle command and will be able to access a menu to remove a certain vehicle from this garage.

CommandCommand explanation


Add the car you are in to a job garage.


Remove the work vehicle from a certain garage.

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