Sound System

This Smartphone system will depend on a third-party asset for the musical use of ringtones, YouTube, Spotify or other sound systems. To do this we will use two dependencies of our choice, which will give us a completely great level of realism.

What benefits does using mx-surround give me?

The mx-surround payment asset will allow us to use an advanced 8D sound system, which we will hear in a super realistic way.

This asset also incorporates searching for music by song name instead of by link as it originally works.

Is it mandatory to pay to use sounds on a Smartphone?

No, you can use xsound which is the classic Smartphone dependency, but mx-surround is a clearly much better alternative option.

Can I make the sound not dynamic between players?

No, Smartphone cannot use non-dynamic sounds.

Dynamic sounds through xsound

You must use yes or yes xsound if you do not want to use mx-surround.

We can make use of the basic sound system using xsound, which will give us a crazy level of realism on our Smartphone, allowing us to play all the songs and sounds throughout the server and not just locally. You will find this asset in the installation section and it is a mandatory dependency of the asset unless you want to use mx-surround.

8D sounds through mx-surround

This asset is paid and its support will be transferred to the creator's store.

This asset will work automatically with Smartphone.

The mx-surround asset is a completely unique 8D sound system which will allow us to hear the sound specifically where it comes from and will give us a completely unique realism on our server, not only for Smartphones.

With this system we also unlock the use of advanced search in music applications, which will allow us to search by song name and not by links as it comes by default.

Smartphone includes a brief configuration for mx-surround in config.lua.

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