Common Problems

Please note that most common errors can be caused by a bad installation or a poorly done update, always verify this using the default asset before communicating your problem to us, this will save time.

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you're one of the few customers reading through the documentation and taking an interest in fixing problems that come your way using our resources.

This section is intended for the common problems that some players usually have when using this asset, we ask you to check one by one to find your problem here and save long waits on community tickets. If your problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact us from the Discord community by opening a ticket.

List of common problems

Deploy each section according to your problem, so you will find the solution quickly, each problem has a general and basic solution in its description that will help you solve the case.

I can't take photos and videos with my phone

This is because you did the wrong step in the Installation documentation where we explain how to replace the cfx-natives. Please replace your cfx-natives and clear your server cache, after completing this step then restart your server or start it if it was not started and you will receive the entire screenshot-basic installation.

There will not be a ticket for this situation because it is an extremely simple step, you just have to read it and follow it completely.

The applications did not change their name after translating them

This problem is very simple, it is due to the lack of use of the /deleteallapps command, after using it in your console, you will have to restart the asset or the server and all the changes will be reflected. This is due to the caching system we use for Smartphones.

I can't end the call or I can't hear other players

This is because you skipped the entire part of Installation where the use and configuration of voice is mentioned.

Please do not skip the steps as they are all important.

I have an application whose image is broken or missing

This problem is very simple, it is due to the lack of use of the /deleteallapps command, after using it in your console, you will have to restart the asset or the server and all the changes will be reflected. This is due to the caching system we use for Smartphones.

My server workers are not receiving messages or calls

This is due to the advanced duty system we use for workers to use the phone, review the commands to enter service in the Job Contact System section of our documentation.

I can't use the item powerbank

If this is your case, you may not have an inventory that uses native qbcore or esx events. In this case we recommend that you contact the creator of your inventory and make the appropriate modifications on the Smartphone or on your own inventory system.

Can I send an email to another specific player?

No, with the current version you cannot do such a thing, if you upgrade to the PRO version you will be able to enjoy accounts, emails between players and more unique features. This current system is simply for administrative command, use on external assets or missions.

Will these mails work with the PRO version?

Yes, the PRO version will also read current events from Mail and Quest and will be instantly compatible.

Will these notifications work with the PRO version?

Yes, the PRO version automatically detects all the notifications of this version except the lockscreen ones, which in the case of the PRO version are automatic.

The technician does nothing when interacting with him

This happens because your esx_menu_default or qb-menu is not the correct version or perhaps some modification broke it, use the original ones from your framework.

Where do I translate the entire welcome screen?

You can use the translations of this screen in your html file inside the phone.

Can I integrate give contact event into my qb-radialmenu?

Of course yes, we can integrate it directly into qb-radialmenu just as there is one for qb-phone. This is the snippet for you to integrate this into your menu.

    id = 'givenum',
    title = 'Give Contact Details',
    icon = 'address-book',
    type = 'client',
    event = 'qs-smartphone:client:GiveContactDetails',
    shouldClose = true
Change the default phone number

Of course you can, we have a section in the documents called Change Default Number which will explain specifically how to make said change.

I can't send audios on WhatsApp or errors in such a system

This is because you didn't add the corresponding webhooks in your server/custom/webhooks, or you simply never accepted the pop-up message that FiveM sends when you do this for the first time. You must press F8 and accept.

If you didn't do this, reinstall FiveM to make this pop-up appear again.

player = nil, check qs-base (if you are using es_extended) ...

This error is due to two possible causes. A bad installation of the asset or a bad position of the asset in server.cfg, which is perfectly clarified in the Installation documentation.

Another option is that your framework is completely broken, is edited with things that it shouldn't or is too old, we recommend an update and always use the official core of your framework, not one edited, encrypted or purchased from third parties, since the framework is the brain of your server and should not be altered unnecessarily, much less encrypted or resold with edits.

mysql error: (key / value pair) ...

This is due to using a very old version of mysql-async. Update mysql-async or switch to oxmysql, note that mysql-async has not received updates for at least 4 years.

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