Dispatch & MDT

General information before installation

Quasar Dispatch and MDT is THE BEST DISPATCH AND MDT OF ALL FIVEM, with this script you have alerts for your jobs, command antispam, a MDT for vehicles and people, radars with images, alerts for shots by props and much more!

Enjoy one of the packages with the highest quality, best price and most support on the market!

Remember that most common errors and problems can be found in the Common Problems section located in the same Inventory section.

Most errors can occur due to a bad update (poor patch) or an error generated by the same buyer through code editing, always try to use the default resource if you get errors not found within this section.

Common questions about the asset

Are Dispatch and MDT compatible with multiple jobs?

Yes, you can easily configure more jobs to have access to both dispatch and MDT.

Does each job have its database separate from the other jobs?

Yes, each job has different information about each player.

Can I integrate my ambulance script to report dead players?

Yes, you can do it, you just have to follow the qs-dispatch documentation to create calls and see where to put the trigger event in your ambulance job.

Is it compatible with duty system?

Yes, you must follow the qs-dispatch client documentation to install the duty system correctly.

Is the Speed Radar compatible with Km/h and Mph?

Yes, you just have to edit the config or in game configure it for Km/h or Mph and edit the locale.lua to set the logs and messages in Km/h or Mph.

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