Job Contact System

Smartphone includes a mandatory duty system for the use of jobs and workers. Please keep this in mind and follow all the steps so as not to require external assistance when using these features.

The worker system on the Smartphone has a duty system; without this system, workers will not receive or be able to use their worker powers within the phone.

Follow the steps below without skipping any to understand how to use it.

Can we change the duty mode?

No, this system is not modifiable, but you can change the usage commands. Follow the documentation and you will understand what we mean!

Can I make a unique position to receive calls?

No, this is not possible, calls will be received via telephone and a random worker.

If there are many police officers, who receives the call?

If this is the case, the call will be received by a random service worker, not a specific one. With this we ensure that all workers are active.

Duty system in works

This system will not change, because if we remove the services system, then there will be a lot of spam to many players causing damage to the server.

To call the workers they must first be on duty, that is, they will have to activate the function of receiving calls using its corresponding command.

In the case of police, you can use the /911 command to go on duty and you will be able to receive calls.

    IMPORTANT these are commands to receive or not receive messages NO MESSAGE IS SENT WITH THESE.
    to put it another way it is to enter and exit of duty.
Config.jobCommands = { -- Just enter a number here, this is the number that will appear when you call.
    ['police'] = '112',
    ['ambulance'] = '113',
    ['mechanic'] = '114',

Calls to workers

Workers will only be able to receive messages and calls, but not respond to said chat, to provide an answer they can double click on the received message and they will be able to call or message the subject.

Quasar Smartphone has a system of contacts that will come automatically in your call application when entering the server, these contacts cannot be deleted unless you do it from config.lua.

Inside config.lua we can add the jobs we want so that the players can call them or send them a text message.

--- @param job 'Name of job who will receive the message'
--- @param name 'Visible label'
--- @param img  'Image of contact'
Config.Jobs = {
    { job = 'police',    name = 'Policia',  img = './img/apps/police.png' },
    { job = 'ambulance', name = 'Ems',      img = './img/apps/ambulance.png' },
    { job = 'mechanic',  name = 'Mechanic', img = './img/apps/mechanic.png' },

Messages to workers

As mentioned above, the jobs you add in config.lua will have their own contact on each phone, so we can send a text message to them, but they can't reply to us.

In order to serve customers, they can click twice on the received message and the phone number of the person who sent the message will appear.

You have more information about messages in other assets to workers using the Ambulance Dispatch documentation.

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