Drug Labs

General information before installation

Quasar Drugs is a complete system of drugs, where you can collect plants of three types, process them and even sell them wholesale and retail.

Sales come in many different types and configurations, as buyers can be nice, give you extra money, or maybe steal from you if they don't like you.

This system is very large and extensive, it brings many configurations and you will give your players a complete drug system where they can play synchronized with each other and have fun in a unique way.

Remember that most common errors and problems can be found in the Common Problems section located in the same Inventory section.

Most errors can occur due to a bad update (poor patch) or an error generated by the same buyer through code editing, always try to use the default resource if you get errors not found within this section.

Common questions about the asset

Can I add more drug systems or different drugs?

It is not possible to do this at this time, in some future patch we plan to do it.

Is this system compatible with my jobs or factions?

Yes, the sale of drugs and the farm is completely configurable for jobs.

Does this system include farming, processing, washing and selling drugs?

Yes, this system includes all drug steps and complete sales.

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