Fuel Stations

General information before installation

Quasar Fuel Stations is a completely custom asset based on the original idea of LegacyFuel being used as its main base. With this asset you can refill fuel in a super realistic way on your server using gas station nozzles or even use fuel cans, this asset includes specific exports for you to use in the most comfortable way in other assets!

This asset completely replaces your LegacyFuel.

Remember that most common errors and problems can be found in the Common Problems section located in the same Inventory section.

Most errors can occur due to a bad update (poor patch) or an error generated by the same buyer through code editing, always try to use the default resource if you get errors not found within this section.

Common questions about the asset

Does this system include fuel and gas stations?

No, it only includes the Fuel station system.

Can I use nozzles to fill with gasoline?

Of course yes, it is the best attraction that this system includes.

Can I get petrol using this system?

Of course yes, you can access a nozzle or buy a petrol can.

Does this asset replace LegacyFuel?

Yes, if you use this system, it will completely replace LegacyFuel.

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