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Welcome to the Quasar Inventory documentation.
Quasar Inventory is a slotted inventory based on metadata completely unique in the FiveM community, this asset incorporates into your server in a native and clean way the possibility of using unique items with internal information in each one, this being one of the only professional inventory elaborated in the community.
Enjoy an inventory of unique characteristics and very well achieved visuals, with minimalist finishes and internal player information, such as life, armor, hunger, thirst and much more configurable information.
As if this were not enough, you can also change the name tag of your items to accommodate them as you like. You will also have an amazing built-in clothing system that will allow you to turn any clothing store into an amazing store with automated metadata.
This package includes multiple unique features never seen before, and will also give you access to a series of exclusive DLCs that will enhance your gaming experience, giving you a backpack system, weapons on your back, animations when drawing your weapons and much more.