Here you will find a basic errors in Inventory guide to know how to respond to your tickets.


This is usually the most common installation error in qs-inventory.
Example log error.
Most of the time it is usually because the customer does not empty the inventories of his old players. The fastest solution is that they use this event in your SQL or eliminate all your current characters.
You must modify your_db_name by the name of your database.
UPDATE YOUR_DB_NAME.users SET inventory = '[]' WHERE identifier IS NOT NULL
In case this does not work, then the error is in qs-core/config/config.lua. There we must use "License" and Multichar true in case of ESX Legacy.
We will always ask for a screenshot of the current players on their server to verify if they are saved as License: or Steam: even if many cases will only use the identifier without prefix (Multichar = true)
Although the customer does not use Multicharacter, if you do not have a prefix as "license:identifier" or "steam:identifier" should use Multichar = True.


In cases like the one mentioned in this image, we see that hunger and thirst are not identified, this is due to an old version of esx_basicneeds, we recommend using the latest versions even though I recommend using the one I used myself in the tests, find it here.


This is one of the most common mistakes, but customers often do not review their console.
This is one of the most basic protocols that must be followed, seeing an error of (Field 'QS'), we must always ask for a screenshot of the start of qs-script in the Customer console.
Visual example of an error due to lack of start of a core or base.
If the customer with this problem teaches you your console and you see that the script is not started with a message similar to this, then you must review what is the missing dependence, you can give you access to this dependence on the customer, but it is recommended to make them come back To read the documentations and guide, since it possibly led some step.
The script is not executed because I miss the screenshot-Bbasic dependence on this example,.
The dependence must always have the name that asks in the error log. In this example, it should be screenshot-basic, never screenshot-basic-main for example.


Format to change the Notifications from QS scripts to okokNotify. The Notifications Functions should be in QS config.lua file.
function SendTextMessage(msg, type) --You can add your notification system here for simple messages.
if type == 'inform' then
exports['okokNotify']:Alert('info', msg, 10000, 'info')
if type == 'error' then
exports['okokNotify']:Alert('error', msg, 10000, 'error')
if type == 'success' then
exports['okokNotify']:Alert('success', msg, 10000, 'success')
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