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Robbery and police

In the case of robberies, we must first adjust the police settings for robberies, for this, we will go to config.lua and adjust these configurations to our liking
Once we configure this section, we can go directly to configure the percentage of probability for the alarm to sound, if the alarm sounds, it will launch a dispatch, which is in config_dispatch.lua
If the alarm is false, it will never launch a dispatch
You can completely remove the inside of the event and add your own dispatch

Smartphone compatibility

With qs-smartphone support enabled with Config.Smartphone (Optional), we will get a number of improvements to the feature
An alert system was also added to the phone when your motorhome's alarm sounds due to theft

Police dispatch

If you are a police officer and you have enabled the Smartphone dispatch, an alert will arrive to your police application on your Smartphone, with it you can go directly to the address of the robbery in an easy and visually beautiful way

Charger spot

There is also a new offset added within the motorhomes when we enable the Smartphone. We will have a Smartphone charging point inside our motorhome