Quick Start

To start your journey through the world of Quasar Store, you must enter our website and follow certain steps to become part of the customer team

What's this?

The Quasar page will be a page to improve the type of support and make it more effective!
The goal of this is to avoid having problems thanks to third parties and to have a much better quality of support. On this new website you will be able to have announcements, tickets, reviews

How to login in website

To register you must go to the Login / Register button in the upper right corner
You will need to fill in the information to create an account
Once the account is created, you will receive a confirmation email, you must confirm and log in with the account!

How to connect with CFX

You should go to the SUPPORT tab and click on it
You click on AUTHENTICATE WITH CFX.RE and it redirects you to a tab where you will connect you will have to press Authorize
Done you are ready to receive support!

How to make a ticket

First you must connect your account to CFX, once your account is connected to cfx, you must go to the SUPPORT tab
It will show you a tab and there make a complete summary about your problem, within the ticket you can send photos and code