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STEP 1 - Dependencies

It is important to use the dependencies that are indicated in this step, do not use others, otherwise you will receive critical errors
The other dependencies you will find in the downloaded folder

STEP 2 - Start order

It is important to put the resources in the correct order, below es_extened and inventory system
In order for the resource to start correctly and not receive any errors, we must start the resources in the following order
ensure qs-motorhome
ensure motorhome
ensure lockpick

STEP 3 - Basic operation

For the correct functioning of the resource, we must add the vehicles mentioned in the configuration, within our vehicleshop system
Once the vehicle is in our vehicleshop, we can buy it and use it as a motorhome
We can also add it to other scripts, it is not necessary to add it to a vehicleshop, but keep in mind that only if the vehicle plate belongs to you can you use the functions of the motorhome