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Create houses

To create a house we must have our realestate job configured by default, we can configure other jobs from qs-housing/config/config.lua
Once we have said job, we can access the housing creation menu using the F6 key by default

Add more shells

Quasar Housing will allow you to add the amount of maps you want, and for that we integrate an exclusive configuration to facilitate your work To add more shells we must do a series of simple steps to find the offset
If even after following these steps you manage to understand it, please contact a trusted developer since it is a long and extensive step

What is the offset?

The offset is the inside coordinate of the shell, that is, the coordinate of the door from the center of the shell

Test the shell

The first step is to find Config.TestShell inside our config_interiors.lua and add the name of the shell we want inside this configuration, giving it a name like in the example below

Find the offset

Once we have our test shell added to config_interiors.lua, we will use the /offset shellname command Once inside the map, we will look for the door and simply press the ENTER key
The name of the shellname will be the one we chose in the configuration above

Add our shell

If all went well, congratulations, you now have the offset coordinate of your new shell Now we just have to create it between the shells, choosing the tier and a name to differentiate it
If by chance you appear too below or too above the shell, play with the Z coordinate, increasing or decreasing it until you find your ideal position

Lock menus in decorate

Because in the middle of the decoration menu, some of the basic menus of your server were opened, we decided to add an optional export that you can add in your menu so that they do not open in the decoration menu
To better understand this export, we must think that the exports['qs-housing']:inDecorate() refers to being in the decoration menu, so we will simply apply this check with a not exports['qs-housing']:inDecorate()
Ask your trusted developer for help if you don't feel able to make such modification
if Config.MenuKeybindEnabled then
if IsControlPressed(0, Config.MenuKeybind) and not exports['qs-housing']:inDecorate() then

Add webhooks

To provide greater security to the owners of the servers, a webhook system was recently integrated that will notify you when a house is created, bought or deleted on your server, for this we can find everything in config_discord.lua
To create our webhook we can follow the guide below by clicking here

Weather sync

Having a weather sync system is not a mandatory dependency but if you don't have any of these resources, it will rain inside the houses or perhaps the shadows of other terrains can bother you
It is important to clarify that if you already have vMenu or another weather sync system you should delete it, otherwise the textures will start to flicker or even the weather on your server will break completely
Just choose one of the systems that we will mention below, never use both
  • We can run a system with a very detailed and beautiful UI called cd_easytime, this is highly recommended for its level of user friendliness.
  • The last alternative that we can use is the vSync version modified by Quasar Store to be functional on our server, but it will be automatic and will not have any friendly menu
BE CAREFUL, if you use vMenu, this resource is discontinued more than 2 years ago, and it has a weather sync NOT compatible with qs-housing. If you want to keep it, you will have to disable Weather Sync in the qs-housing configuration

Logout system

The logout system that our housing brings is very simple, by default it will only drop the player to disconnect him with a custom message, if you want you can choose the custom option in Config.Logout and add your own message or event